Club Nautique

Holiday Letting in Bali style villas





Bali Villas on
Magnetic Island





Club Nautique

We have a total of four villas.  One main villa with three smaller villas behind and what we like to call the ‘Nakamal’, the main dining and cooking area.

It is in Nelly Bay, only 1km from the ferry terminal and 100 metres from the beach.  The main villa and Nakamal have sea views from their balconies and a great sea breeze keeps all the villas cool throughout the day.


Magnetic Island

Come and enjoy everything that Magnetic Island has to offer.  The beautiful beaches, scenic walks, gateway to the great barrier reef and the wildlife.

With an average temperature of 27 degrees celcius (80.6 farenheit) year round everyday is a good day for swimming, diving, fishing and walking all the magnificent tracks that circle the island, you may even meet a local koala.




Getting There

A short 25 minute ferry ride from Townsville, or 45 minutes if you take the barge with a car.

Vacation Planning

With the many activities on Magnetic Island, the hardest part is finding time to do it all.

People Recommend

Everyone says you have to do the forts walk, or for night-life one of the monthly full moon parties.

The Great Barrier Reef

There are daily trips taking you to this natural world wonder.

Car Rentals

The most popular choices for rentals are scooters or topless cars.